Business Process Management / BPM
& Robotic Process Automation / RPA

BPM / Business Process Management. The daily routine of any company is guided by processes, whether they are organised or not. Having a clear vision of theses processes, how they interact between departments or sectors and how they are supported by existing applications is essential for any transformation project. To optimise processes means to gain agility, to solve problems quickly, to measure performance, and to decide with safety. Business processes management (BPM) requires specialised knowledge with a solid interaction between technology and business vision. There are different tools for workflow management (BPMs), and studies for optimisation and documentation are very important (BPMN). But a full understanding of business and a clear vision of processes are above everything. From there, we are able to innovate and use the adequate tools to optimise and automate the related tasks.

RPA / Robotic Process Automation is the name given to automation solutions that use software (robots) that navigate through the system’s presentation layer. The main concept is the preparation of “machines” that work in the same way as humans do, with the aim to replace repetitive and operational tasks. In addition to the benefits in terms of traceability, effectiveness, and assertiveness, we believe in the potential of RPA to free up operational capacity for restrained demands and analytical capacity for improvement and innovation. It navigates through different digital environments, interacts with systems and makes actions seamless, avoiding high-effort developments and integrations. It is also scalable, and it may be run 24/7 with continuous monitoring. In short, they are automation solutions that aim to replace repetitive and operational tasks by means of applications.