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We are technology consultants in line with your business. We use our knowledge in different sectors to understand the business and find the best solution, and we use our energy to deliver results and transform your business. For Gobi, business vision and technology are inseparable. Our mission is to combine strategic thinking and expertise in management and technology to plan and deliver astonishing results.

We have a cross-curricular team and lean and customised technologies for every new challenge. Innovation is about making it differently and improving continuously.

Every project is a unique opportunity to innovate and transform. What is your challenge? We want to understand and provide you with the best solution.


<A> Innovation_ new ideas _ new businesses
Transforming your business is an essential part of your strategy

<B> Assessments _ optimization and effectiveness
Technology as a tool for great transformation

<C> Digital solutions _ mobility
Agile methodology and continuous delivery

<C1> Organization and automation of processes
Robotic Process Automation & Business Process Management

<C2> Big data analytics
Structuring and organisation of data to support analysis and decisions

<C3> Artificial intelligence _ machine learning
Applications that make systems interpret and make decisions


+ Business integration 
Applications, data, and processes intelligently automated

+ Traceability, effectiveness and assertiveness
Optimisation of results by improved processes

+ Performance, usability and productivity
Automation to replace repetitive and operational tasks

+ Business intelligence
Integration of people, processes, and systems

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Intelligent management is innovation
Transformation is digital

Experience to find the best solution
Business intelligence

Digital transformation
Connecting people, processes, and systems

Making technology seamless
Being close to customers to understand and transform their businesses

< A > Innovation. New ideas. New businesses
< A > Innovation. New ideas. New businesses
< B > Assessments. Optimisation and effectiveness
< B > Assessments. Optimisation and effectiveness
< C > Digital solutions. Mobility
< C > Digital solutions. Mobility
< C1 > Organisation & Process automation
< C1 > Organisation & Process automation
< C2 > Big Data Analytics
< C2 > Big Data Analytics
< C3 > Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
< C3 > Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Industry 1.0
Industry 2.0
Industry 3.0
Industry 4.0

Innovation, integration and intelligence in businesses.

Our goal is to be close to you so we can understand and develop your business, by integrating people, processes, and systems. In other words, to make technology seamless to understand and value your team. For us, each customer is unique, each project has its story and its challenges. What are your challenges? Ours is to understand them and build the best solution with you.

Focus on delivery

We are agile. Whether the operation is small or large, our approach remains the same. We work in close partnership with our customers, with no stiff formalities, and always focusing on delivery. That is what makes the difference.

From design to delivery

We work end-to-end. From the first assessment, through solution design and final delivery. Together with the customer, we take on full responsibility for the expected results.

Diversity and knowledge

We have strong knowledge of different industries, sectors, and solutions. This diversity help us understand the customer’s culture, business and challenges, so we can always provide you with the most adequate and effective solution.

Our challenge is to understand and provide the best solution.

What is yours?