Structuring and organisation of data
to support analysis and decisions

Today, this technology is able to capture, store, process, and analyse large data by means of sensors, devices, and software connected to an unprecedented network. To know how to structure data and extract relevant information that supports analyses and decisions is the key challenge. They require a deep knowledge not only of applications and databases, but also of your business, your strategy, and your goals. It is necessary to have an operational and governance structure that defines the main processes and rules involved.

In addition to the understanding of the relationship between management, business, and technology, it is important to understand the existing tools and technologies to interpret data and create the desired indicators and insights. By means of market solutions or the development of specific algorithms, it is possible to cross-check the databases for cleaning and preparation of data that will be interpreted and will support the business in different ways, whether by anticipating the trend or in decision-making processes with lower risks.