We make sure to find the best solution to your
challenges, with simple and quick results

Gobi was born thinking about making technology seamless. Technology per se will not necessarily bring the expected results. The idea is that we need to have a full understanding of businesses and management before we put technological solutions forward. A new concept is not always necessary. Prior to that, we must evaluate the existing solutions, their compatibility with the operation and business processes, and how they interact with legacy systems. We want to provide you with the solution that best matches your challenge and that brings simple and quick results. We deliver solutions, we do not sell technology.

We see technology as a tool to implement the suggested transformation. We value a deep dive in the processes. It is common to seek in technology the solutions in processes that are not optimised. It is only possible to design and deliver impressive results if we have a clear vision of the different departments and their processes, of how they interact with your ERP and other applications, of how databases are structured and which business indicators are required. Businesses must be well understood, technologies must be mastered, and people and culture must be respected. That is our essence.

What we do


[ 1 ] Analysis of existing solutions and their compatibility with the business;
[ 2 ] Process optimisation;
[ 3 ] Assessment & recommended actions;
[ 4 ] Solution architecture and implementation plan;
[ 5 ] Programme and project management.